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Last year SOAZ started to support a research project on Healthy Ageing. Most data are collected now. This year the first publication may be expected.

An  invitational conference on ‘Leadership Mentoring in Nursing Research’ on 19 January 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands demonstrated the importance of investments in evidence-based nursing.

PALIATIA nr 1 of 2018 is published, with news and articles on technical innovations as well as involvement of health care professionals. See

Two scientific articles are published with support of SOAZ RACE: 'How to Prevent Preventable Death?' in SM Prev Med Public Health. 2017; 1(1): 1004 and 'Do Changes in Welfare and Health Policy Affect Life Satisfaction of Older Citizens in Europe?' in Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research (2017),

PALIATIA vol 10 no 4 has been published. In October each year the 'Day of Palliative Care' is celebrated. Maybe, first the question has to be answered: what is celebrated? (see )

Beginning this year SOAZRACE started a new research project on well-being in old age, analysing data from 31 European countries. Especially, the impact of changes in national policy measures on welfare and health, related to the economic crisis, on life satisfaction of older citizens was subject of the study. The project was executed in cooperation with Prof. Ioana Dana Alexa from the University of Iasi, Romania. The manuscript of the study is accepted for publication in Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research.

Preventable death is – despite many programmes on preventive health interventions – a major issue in Europe. In 2013 in EU countries over 1.2 million people died from illnesses and injuries that might have been avoided through more effective public health and prevention policies or more timely and effective health care. At the same time, research shows that preventive intervention programmes, special directed on changes in lifestyle or environmental conditions (smoking, alcohol consumption, environmental pollution) are cost-effective and cost-saving. What (inter)national policy is needed to prevent preventable death? The board of SOAZRACE has decided to develop a study to answer this question.

The chairman of SOAZ has been invited to participate in the 5th World Annual Congress of Geriatrics and Gerontology (4-6 December 2017) Fukuoka, Japan. The theme of the congress is "Moving towards the era of healthy aging". He will present a paper on well-being of older citizens in an aging society.

The first Board-meeting of SOAZ in 2017 was held in The Hague. The financial data over 2016 were approved by the Board and the Board agreed on the budget for 2017. The Board was happy to learn that recent publication supported by SOAZ are received well. The Board proposed various new research topics which may be executes in the next years, depending from co-funding.

SOAZ has been invited to participate in an EU call on promoting human rights and social diversities in Europe. Proposals have to be sent in end of March. Together with colleagues from Austria, Croatia, and Hungary we will see or it will be ‘different or indifferent?’

JAMDA published the manuscript – prepared by SOAZ – as soon as possible because it was considered as an excellent and important study by the Editorial team. Judge yourself; read How Important Are Health Care Expenditures for Life Expectancy? A Comparative, European Analysis

SOAZ started a new project, i.e. an European study on health care outcomes. The objective is to analyse which investments in healthcare and healthcare programmes are effective to contribute to life expectancy and to reduce mortality. The outcomes of this study will be published through articles in international, scientific journals.

The chairman of SOAZRACE attended the EUPHA congress in Vienna (9-12 November 2016) to be informed about new public health initiatives as well for networking.

Board members of SOAZRACE were invited in Bucharest to discuss the possibilities to extend the pilot study on care problems in Romania. The ministry of health would be interested to develop protocols to prevent such care problems. The realisation of the project will depend from grants which may become available.

In the beginning of September (2016) SOAZ explored further scientific cooperation with the university in Craiova and health care workers in Oltenia, with special interests for the development of health care in rural areas and the health status of elderly living independently in such areas. Former research has indicated a high need for care and a lack of health care facilities. The implementation of actionplans will be dependent from regional support.

SOAZ chairman is invitated to serve on the jury of Cross Care. Cross Care aims to encourage, to steer and to accelerate innovation in healthcare. The project supports the development and implementation of innovations by offering an experimental cross-border care setting. These pilot projects, or Living Labs give companies or HMOs the opportunity to work out meticulous and successful product or service.

A validation study on the predictive value of the Groningen Frailty Indicator on care utlization of community-living old Romanians is accepted for publication in Current Gerontology and Geriatrics Research and is In July 2016 available on line(see ). This study was realised with support of SOAZ/RACE.

SOAZ is invited to participate in designing a proposal based on an EU Erasmus call. The call’s objectives are to promote values of the Paris convention using international cooperation and informal methods of academic education. The proposal will promote democratic values and basic human rights, social inclusion and non-discrimination, and active participation of young people in the civil life. The working title of the proposal is 'Respect and Dignity for All'. Unfortunately, the proposal was not honored by the EU.

Based on a former pilot study which tested an instrument to assess care problems in care for frail old in Romania and an international publication on the outcomes, together with the University Maastricht, SOAZ was invited to discuss the possibilities to set up a standardised registration for quality in (long-term) care in Romania. SOAZ agreed to participate in such a discussion, which will be held in April 2016.

SOAZ/RACE has become partner in an international consortium, which intends to stimulate the use of ICT in care for the elderly. It is believed that ICT – when designed and tested properly – could stimulate to maintain independency and quality of life when growing older as well as might contribute to more effective and efficient care provisions. Further actions will depend from international funding of the consortium.

The chairman of SOAZ was invited to participate in the selection of research grants for projects dealing with improvements of the quality of care for older citizens. The care for frail old gets priority in the selection of projects.

Board members of SOAZ are involved in the assessment of various research and development projects, which intend to design new (preventive) interventions for independent-living elderly, especially focusing on risk factors related to frailty.

In cooperation with University Titu Maiorescu and with the College of Physicians in Braila district, SOAZ has contributed to a predictive validity study on frailty in elderly. The first analysis shows a modest predictive validity. The results has been submitted to an international journal. Also SOAZ supported a study in two GP practices to analyse the differences in dependency between older patients who came for consultation compared to older patients who did not come for consultation.